Ed Rapley for Total Theatre 

“Deborah is great performer, someone with sensitivity and the ability to balance an audience on the edge of a narrative knife.”

 Andrew Haydon for Whatsonstage.com

“An act of quiet generosity.  *****”

Catherine Love for Exeunt

“Delicate, ever-changing… For a show that is nominally about the future, the piece says as much – perhaps more – about the present moment. ****”

Lyn Gardner for the Guardian

Final Tips on What to see at the Edinburgh Fringe

“I loved the melancholic quietness of Deborah Pearson’s The Future Show”

The Best (and worst) of the Edinburgh Festival 2013 

“Deborah Pearson’s exquisitely sad The Future Show”

This Week’s New Theatre – September 2013

“Beautiful and desperately sad, Deborah Pearson’s The Future Show was a hit in Edinburgh this summer”

British Council USA

UK Artists to Watch For

“Some of the most moving performances we saw relied on very little else than the obvious talent of the performer. Ranging from Deborah Pearson’s The Future Show, in which she narrates, in beautifully-written prose, the rest of her life beginning from the end of the show until her last days, to Akash Odedra’s masterful blend of South Asian and contemporary dance in Rising.”

Forest Fringe lights up Fusebox Festival

“A moving piece… The Future Show is one of the best solo performances to be presented at Fusebox”

Katherine Catmull for Fusebox 

“I have to start by saying that Deborah Pearson’s The Future Show is one of my favorite pieces so far this year—deceptively simple, funny, artful, tender”

Matt Trueman for Culturewars

“Perhaps it is about protection – an act that seems to look forward and, indeed, to impact upon the future, but really functioning in the present: an antidote to current anxieties, one that makes the next step possible, wherever its tread may fall. Pearson’s openness suddenly looks quite brave. Her show far more than the cold, calculated conceptual turn it first seemed”

Selected Tweets

@matttrueman:  Deborah Pearson’s The Future Show @battersea_arts is a real treat. A tender, meditative attempt to find a foothold on life’s uncertainties.

@tomcreed1980:  Deborah Pearson. The Future Show. 9pm tomorrow. Go to Kinsale. That is all. It’s FANTASTIC

@lyngardner: Very good day yesterday. Future Show by @shysecretagent should be seen @ForestFringe . Beautiful, sad show about our mayfly lives

@gatetheatre: The Future Show @ForestFringe is completely beautiful. All of a sudden it breaks your heart. (CH)

@DanRebellato: Wow. @shysecretagent‘s The Future Show is remarkable. Conceptually brilliant and so moving. I’m overwhelmed. I predict she’ll bring it back.

@kieran_hurley: So, @shysecretagent‘s Future Show is an absolute gem, in case you were wondering. @ForestFringe @FuseboxFestival

@tassosstevens: @Sayraphim @beatrixcoles btw you both should pop over to see The Future by @shysecretagent @Battersea_arts. The best The Future you’ll see.

@oxdowne: Am forever asked “why tell this story now.” @shysecretagent’s The Future Show at BAC answers that in the best way possible.


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