More Futures that happened…

On January 23rd, I will have a class in Egham and Forest Fringe will have a launch party.

On January 24th, I will fly to Toronto.

On January 28th I will fly to Vancouver

I will be afraid on the flight.  I will look out the window and see the rockie mountains from above.

I will fly back to London and I will watch four movies, one featuring Woody Allen.  In the second half of the flight I will begin to dread the tube ride home, but I will hang on to this dread.  I will need to picture the tube ride home.

I will get in the door and I will call out for my partner and we will kiss.  I will be glad to see him.  Our new flatmate will have moved in.  I will look at her room and help her move a dresser.  We will all have dinner together.

Three days later I will be preparing to fly to Japan.  I will feel like this life is ridiculous and I will also feel tired.   I will pack equipment I think I may need.  I will miss my husband.  I will not want to leave my husband.  I will be on a flight that will have strange food and feel long, too long, longer than I’d been hoping for.  Every day I will go into a ware house and a big hotel and I will eat very good sushi at some point and I will see more people than I have seen before.

I will fly home.  I will get ready for my 30th birthday.  I will not tell anyone but my partner and then he will throw me a surprise party and I will start crying.  I will cry like I am tired.


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