The Future I predicted yesterday. (The Future I am living now, warm, sitting in bed with my computer, unsure.)

I will open up my computer and a document will be open on the screen  –  the script I am reading from now.  The document will be titled BAC 2 the Future.  I will look at the script.  I will feel warm sitting in bed with the computer, like a child who is home sick from school. I will begin rereading. I will not be able to stop thinking about all of the other scripts, just like this one, that I have already written.  I will notice the places where I re-used particularly well written sentences.  I will be very aware of the fact that I could just leave it as is.  I will think of how I will also wake up at BAC on Saturday, I will think of how Friday’s audience will not know if I rewrote or not.  I will think, this is a stupid idea for a show.  I will go up to “file”, scroll down to “Save As” and Click, and then I will elegantly swing the arrow up to the box that will pop up and I will click the scroll that reads “BAC 2 the Future” – adding the word Friday.  I will feel like I don’t know if I can do this.  I will wonder why I am doing this.  I will think about how I once showed promise as a writer, and I will wonder if this project is my attempt to kill that promise once and all, to really burn myself out on a project that never ends that nobody will read that the audience may even at times find boring.  I will press “Save”.  I will look at this script, which is now an old script and needs to be made new.  I will begin deleting.  I will delete the first line. I will continue reading.  I will see that many of the details really should be left the same.  I will remember that on Friday night I know a baby is coming and I will think, the only way to fend off its disruptive gurgling is to pre-empt its disruptive gurgling.  I will write, “the gurgling baby who had obediently gurgled all through the show will now begin crying, but it will seem somehow appropriate.”  I will worry that this sentence is both too long and too obvious. I will feel hungry.


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