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What the heck is even happening in this video?  And can I see the original movie?  It has Jimmy Stewart in it!  And he looks so sorry  in all the clips.  Jimmy Stewart does sorry (just as he does hopeful, incensed, and grateful or any other emotion that is somehow selfless and genuine) just better than anybody.  And Doris Day flips between her child, who she gives such passive and fatalist advice to, to wearing a pillbox mourning hat, right?  Is she mourning an actual person or a concept or maybe a love affair with Jimmy Stewart?  I just had no idea that this song actually came from a film.  I must see it as soon as possible!

So, relative to the last post, I write to myself from the future – you did the show at the Gate – it went very well – Andrew Haydon very kindly wrote a bit about it here then got his computer nicked immediately after writing this review which you found deeply worrying – you packed your bags – you got on a plane a few days later – you went to Dallas, then Austin, then, after a week of eating tacos and watching theatre at Fusebox, went to Toronto – you stayed at your parents house  for a few weeks – you moved into your own place (aka, a 3 month sublet) – you have an apartment, an office and a bike – things worked out largely as you’d expected.  You have yet to get married, and you will be performing material from the Future Show at the Summerworks Launch Party on June 9th.

Prediction 7: Somehow in Canada, Stephen Harper will also win the next election, and by 2020 the international image of Canada will have caught up and changed  from the friendly, liberal place most people think of, to an insular oil rich country where riots happen regularly.  (Listening to gloomy music and it’s raining as I make this prediction.  Does it show? Que Sera Sera!)