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At the Gate. Please come along.

Prediction 6: In the next post, I will forget to predict. Again


Through googling the words “The Future Show” (boredom often leads to narcissism – come on – you know it does) – I found that there is Already a Future Show.  

Check out these emerging live artists either from Australia or the U.S. or Canada – I can’t really tell…



My high school boyfriend (and now close friend) gave this book to me when we were about 17 years old I think.  We were definitely still together and had not yet graduated from high school.  Below is the text of the inscription he wrote:  

“To: Debbie, From: Stacey

Oh Deborah, this is a really great book.  It’s good

enough that it should inspire anyone to write. 

Not that you need my inspiration.  It’s the kind of

book that’s good enough that you never have to throw

it out.  You can keep it forever and someday, your

kids can read the notes you put in it.  But, you

can keep it, and when you’re in Paris or

Kilimanjero or Oak Park Illinois, you can pick

it up.  And you can know that somewhere in the

world is a Mike Stacey, who likes you enough

to give you such a fine book.”  



Prediction 5:  At 3pm, I will go to Allpress with the intention of getting a coffee, but I will change my mind and get a lemonade, because I will worry that the coffee will make me anxious.