The challenge of the Future

Some days forward into the future of the first week of work, which is quickly becoming the past, and the project has gone through a flux of uncertainty back towards an idea that engages directly with something much more familiar – storytelling.  Memory is a story we tell ourselves, but according to Dan Korman, we project our remembered self into the future.  We imagine our future and then it becomes remembered.  He says that a vacation, for instance, is in service of our remembered imagined self.  We imagine what it will be be like, and try to make the vacation as much as that imagined self as possible.  

Deborah Pearson – what are you doing writing a show about time travel?

There are some threads to untangle before I can start to tack anything together.  

Prediction 3:  Tomorrow in Annaghmakkerig, it will be sunny at 4pm.  




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