The first day of the Future

This will be a show about the future.  I received some great news a couple of days ago.  This show about the future will be funded in part by the Arts Council of England.  (Once I get a graphic designer on this blog I’ll be able to sort out including their logo somewhere.)  I am setting myself the challenge of making a show where, very simply, I stand in front of a room of people, and tell them about what I think will happen to me (or whoever they think I am) in the future.  I have many worries about having set myself this task.  I’m worried that I’m giving the audience too much.  I don’t like to talk about the future.  My partner will tell you that I only announce something if I have confirmation that it’s happened – particularly to do with applications.  I like to only give news. I don’t like to make predictions about my life or to get mine and someone else’s hopes up by telling people about things I want or that may or may not happen.  Of course this is not a steadfast rule, but in general I try not to count my chickens before they hatch, and especially not to count those chickens in front of other people.

That is nearly exactly what I’m proposing to do with this show – at the moment.  I’m also interested in exploring the larger questions about the future – political questions, philosophical questions, economic questions, but approaching the personal question about the future is more challenging than talking about the future generally.  And might be richer.  Who knows.  Right now the show about the future is still in the future.  As I keep working on it (during a residency in Ireland) I’m going to try and keep a progress blog, which is not something I normally do, and I’d like it if any interested readers contributed comments or ideas.   Maybe we can predict the future together?

As a side project to the Future Show – (which is only its working title, of course) – I think to cap off every post I should make a prediction for the future.  Now, I have to say, this is a difficult task for me.  Plausible predictions frighten me a little.  I’d like to write about Syria, or about the conservative government in Canada, or about something important that I really think may happen.  But something about immortalising it in a medium that is alive and flippant, just, kind of terrifies me.  That said, I’m going to do it.

Prediction 1:  By 2013, Touch screen televisions will be in homes, and by 2016 they will be a domestic fixture in most Western family homes.

It’s out there.  Now we just have to see what happens.



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